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托福口语常见动词相关词组搭配拓展分享 make/put实用用法整理


be made from 由~~原料制成

be made of 由~~材料制成

be made up of 由~~组成

make a fool of 愚弄,欺骗

make a mistake 弄错

make a point of doing 强调;认为~~重要;决心,坚持

make advantages/use of 使用,利用

make after 追求,追赶

make believe 假装

make certain 确信,把~~弄清楚

make contact with 接通,与~~接触,与~~联系

make for 去向,向~~前进;有利于

make friends with 和~~交友

make into 把~~制成,使~~转变为

make much of 重视;理解;赏识

make one’s mind on sth. 决定某事

make one’s own 当作自己的看待

make oneself at home 随便,别拘束

make out 填写;开支票;理解;辨认

make the best of 尽量利用;极为重视

make up 弥补,修理;赔偿,补偿;起草;编造;化装

make up to 接近,巴结;向~~求爱

make way for 为~~让路,让路于

on the make 急求成功;增加


put aside 把~~放在一边;搁置;排除

put away 把~~放好,把~~收拾;储藏;吃喝,吃掉

put back 把~~放回原处;驳回

put down 放下;镇压;制止;记下;削减;降落

put forward 提出;拨快;建议,推荐;提倡,倡议

put ... into 把~~放入;插入;翻译成

put off 推迟,延期;消除;推脱,推辞

put on 上演;穿上,带上

put up with 忍受,容忍

put one’s heart into 全神贯注,专心致志

put up 举起,挂起;提名,推荐;陈列













Task 1

1.College students should be allowed to keep pets in their dormitories.

What do you think? Please include specific reasons and details in your


2.One of your friends is usually exhausted for his work. What suggestions

will you give to him if he wants to cultivate some personal interests?

3.If someone is visiting your country, what food will you introduce to the

visitor and why? Please include specific examples anddetails in your


4.School is planning to forbid the use of cell-phone on campus. What do you

think are the effects of the policy?

5.If you were making a donation, Which of the organizations would you be

making your donations to? Environmental protection group,city library, Or animal


6.What do you think we should do to reduce the use of cars or other

vehicles in order solve the traffic problems? Please include specific examples

and details in your explanation.

7.Which of the following is the best way to learn about a city: to join an

organized trip; to visit the museums; to take walks in the streets of its


8.Describe one or two ways your life may change five years from now. Please

include specific reasons and details in your response.

9.The advantages and disadvantages or the fast food.

10.Which of the following inventions do you think has made the greatest

impact on people in your country, the airplane, the computer,or the television?

Please include specific reasons and examples to support your choice.



Task 1: Your friend wants to study abroad, but he will graduate one year

later then. Do you think he should do this or not?

Task 2: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? With more

and more people reading in electronic format, libraries will disappear.

Task 1

1. Your university is planning to allow people in the community to take

courses with students. This course will be free for them and they will not

receive feedback or grades about their papers. Do you think this is a good

program and why?

2. Some professors prefer to give regular quizzes. Some prefer to give

surprising quizzes. Please talk about the advantages and/or disadvantages of

surprising quizzes.

3. University students encounter many difficult challenges in their

studies. Which challenge do you think is the most difficult one and how do you

deal with it?

4. Your school plans to open a new section for the school newspaper, which

one of the following would you suggest they add? Explain why.

1) Film recommendation

2) Tips and advice about student travel

3) Restaurant review

5. Students often want to get better grades in their classes. Explain what

students should do in order to improve their performance in the class.

6. What is your opinion on the following statement: students should be

allowed to take snacks and beverage into classrooms?

7. Final is coming, and your friend often oversleeps and misses the class.

Will you help your friend to study while you also have a lot of exams?

8. Which of the following library volunteer would you want to choose to


1) helping people find the right material

2) reading to kids

3) keeping bookshelves organized

9. There is going to have students’ TV show. Which show would you like to

watch? Please Give your reasons.

1) Interview school leaders

2) Students’ debate on political and social topics

3) Comedy about school life

10. If your friend is a forgetful person who always has trouble remembering

important things like deadlines for school assignments. What suggestions do you

have for this friend of yours?

11. How should parents teach their kids to work with others?

12. Which of the following qualities do you think is the most important for

a university student to be successful?

1) Highly motivated

2) Hard-working

3) Intelligent

Choose one of these qualities and explain why it is important.

13. Describe a behavior that many people may do in public that you find


14. People set a variety of goals for themselves throughout their lives.

Describe one goal you would like to achieve in the future, and explain why this

goal is important to you. Include specific details in your explanation.

15. If you are to choose between 2 apartments to live in next semester, one

apartment is near the campus but slightly expensive. The other is a little far

from the campus but cheaper. Which one do you prefer and why?

16. Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of being active on social


17. Which of the following has the greatest impact on students’ life?

1) electronic books

2) smart phones

3) online courses

18. Which do you think is the best way for students to know about Italian


1) cooking class

2) movie class

3) history class

19. Things always change in an unexpected way. Please describe a thing you

have recently done that, ten years ago, you never imagined you would do.

20. You live in a crowded city with only one green space-the city park. The

government recently proposes to build a housing complex on this only green

space. Do you think this is a good idea?

1. Some students prefer to study for exam at night while other students

prefer to study in the day. Which do you prefer, explain why.

2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One of the best

ways to learn is by making mistakes. Use specific examples and details to

support your opinion.

3. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? School shouldn’t

allow young students to use calculator during exam.

4. Some universities accept the students to choose a major field of study

when they enter the school; while other universities wait until the second or

the third year before students deciding to choose a major field of study. Which

do you prefer? Why or why not?

5. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A university’s

academic reputation is the most important thing a student should consider in

deciding which university to attend. Use examples and details to support your


6. Some university students choose to take difficult classes even if they

know they might not get a good grade in the class. Other students prefer to take

easier classes in which they know they will get a good grade. Which do you

prefer? Explain why.

7. Which one would you prefer? Go to a college in your hometown or go to a

university in a new town?

8. Your school is planning to ban library computers from accessing social

media websites. Do you agree or disagree with such a plan?

9. Agree or disagree: if children do well in school, parents should give

them money as rewards?

10. Do you think the boss should supervise his employee when they are

working, or give his employee more freedom in work?

11. When giving feedbacks to students, some teachers would like to talk to

their students in person; while some teachers would give written comments to

students. Which do you prefer and why?

12. Some people say that childhood is the best time in a person’s life.

Other people disagree. What is your opinion? Explain why.

13. Some people like to make decisions based on their own experience; while

other people prefer to ask others for help such as family and friends. Which do

you prefer and why?

14. Some people prefer to stay in touch with their friends and family

members while traveling. Others prefer not to get in touch and stay alone. Which

do you prefer and why?

15. Which one do you prefer? To spend money buying or owning things like

clothes, computers, or to spend it on experiences like vacations or


16. Some people prefer to buy the food that is already prepared. Other

people prefer to buy fresh food and prepare meals by themselves. Which do you

prefer? Explain why, using details and examples in your answer.

17. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? With the

popularity of the technology that focuses on entertainment, people read fewer

books than before.

18. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Government

should ban violent TV shows and foul languages on TV?

19. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? To protect the

health of young children, advertisement for candy and junk food should not be

shown on television. Use specific reasons and details in your response.

20. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should

approach computer and other electronic devices as early as possible.



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